About NG Day

Well hello there.
My name is NG Day. Otherwise known as Nathan G. Day (to the lesser folks).
I don't have the money for my own domain, so heck. Why not make a blogspot, right?
I like to draw me some comics when I'm bored, which is often. I also like to draw me some other things, mainly concept art and storyboards. I animate, perform, act, sing, play percussion, draw, paint, eat, sleep, work (lol no) study, walk, breathe, punch, salivate, perform autopsies, sell guns, and am an overall diligent person.
Half of that was a lie.
I plan on updating the site every Monday (with a new comic, as I will post blogs often).

Hey, I'm unsafe like a thirteen year old girl on the internet, why don't I give you some contact information!
No! :D
But hey, since I love you like a brother or a sister character, I'll make a deal. Check out some of my other sites.

My Deviantart
or My Newgrounds
or Perchance My Youtube

Heck, while you're at it, I have a Facebook page!
No, I won't be your friend.
Or maybe I will?


My Skype name is Nathangday, in case one would ever like to have a one on one, heart to heart with the famous NG Day.

And on that note, my mother, whom I live with, is calling me to wash the dishes from upstairs, as I live in the basement. She says I have to put on my jacket then do the dishes before I can go hang out with my baseball team.

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