Blogging the heck out of this junk!
New comic comes out tomorrow, and it is pretty silly! It's actually a remake of an older one that I made for Deviantart, but I decided to redo it in the MS Paint style, to keep it flowing the way it is.
Speaking of Deviantart, why don't you head on down there to check it out?

You know you want to.

It's just chock full of delicious concept art, flash animations, and the like.
Speaking of flash animations, why don't you check the heck out of my Newgrounds page?

It's delicious and fun.

Animation is wonderful and fluid and grand. Like videos, except animated.
Speaking of videos, why not click just one more link and check out my Youtube channel?

Yummy yummy on my screen.

Please do, all you faithful followers, if you want a bit of a laugh!

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